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We all have them, binders, photo albums or even a shoe box. All full of unique photographs capturing moments in our lives for prosperity. When photography was relatively novel, photography was more like a science and in most cases a privilege. However techniques and availability of cameras and film processing, particularly in the post war years has meant that there was a surge in photographs of families, friends, experiences, moments and objects. Today, it has is a part of life, with computers, tablets, smart phones and digital camera able to take instant photos.

We would love to build up a gallery full of your shots – they can be of anything you like (keep it decent please!) with a caption and as much background information you would like to add. The great thing, like the photos below, is that it is very easy to take photographs of a photograph using a smart phone or digital camera. If you have something you’d like to share, you can take a photograph and send it directly to us via out email address – silverrobinsubmissions@outlook.com

Make sure the photograph has no glare and make sure the digital camera/smart phone is held steadily. Try not to use the flash as it may also create glare. If in doubt ask a member of your family to help you out. We look forward to seeing some of your history. To get this started we have gone right back to a 100 years ago, with these great shots shared by Silver Robins’ own Avril. As mentioned, they can be from any decade, of anything you choose. If you’d like to share a story behind the photograph, then that’s even better.


Taken in Stansted Abbot in August 1915
Avril’s Father taken around the first world war


Mrs Snow in her car, Forest Lodge, Ashstead, June 1919
Forest Lodge, Ashstead, June 1919

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