Issah from Holland Park School has contributed this very useful guide on some of the current technologies that can benefit not just the elderly but everyone. If you want more information about these and other products, apps or websites you’ve come across, feel free to get in touch!

5. Virtual Reality Headset
This is a brand new piece of technology which enables you to see 360 degrees in a headset where you can play games or experience environments that you have never dreamed of experiencing. This is beneficial for the elderly as some are not able to travel so they can experience where they want to go. This can requires a smartphone to work but the ones that don’t require a smartphone are quite expensive.

4. AVG – Anti Malware Software
AVG is a type of software which protects your computer from any viruses. This is beneficial to the elderly as if they have a type of malware on their computer, they don’t want to go through the hassle into finding someone to fix their computer; AVG enables you to prevent this even from coming near your computer. It works by you installing it and then set it to scan your computer every day or week and also set it to be up to date with the newest type of malware then that’s it your computer is protected from anybody accessing your information. This is downloadable online.

3. Fitbit
The Fitbit band is extremely popular for the younger generation and can be for the elder generation. It is beneficial as it can keep you fit and healthy which in most cases reduce the chance of death. It monitors your heartbeat, amount of calories burnt and how many steps you take. This can be bought online at places such as amazon and Argos.

2. Brain Training Games
Brain training games allow you to test your brain. This can help the elderly as it trains their brain in different games such as memory games, which is beneficial as the elder generation often start losing memory and these games lower the chance of that happening. These brain training games can be found online or on the android/ios/windows app store.

1. Kindle Paper white
The Kindle paper white enables you to read books without carrying the actual weight of the books. It can benefit the older generations as ‘back in the day’ reading was the trend but now in our modern day society the ‘book lovers’ have a kindle so that they can read any time they want in any place without actually carrying the weight of the book. The Kindle Paper White can be bought at


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