Another great little interview between a Granny and her grandchild, again showing us exactly what Silver Robin is all about! If you’ve been inspired by what you’ve read over the last few weeks and would like to tell us about it, please have a look at our competition page.

Although it may be hard to imagine, your grandmothers and grandfathers all had a childhood, and one that was significantly harder to live through. No modern day technology like heater and iPads – instead, a fire which could barely heat up all the chilly rooms and some worn out toys. However, they found ways to enjoy life without – what we call – ‘the bare necessities’. I have interviewed my grandmother who enjoys modern technology, but enjoys the past hardships. I asked her general questions about her life and I surely did learn a lot.

12 year old (me): Hello granny! Can I ask you a couple of questions?
Grandma: Yes, of course! What would you like to ask?
12 year old: Did you enjoy the school that you went to?
Grandma: Yes! I enjoyed it very much! It was a basic school with some chairs and desks, but the teachers were quite strict. If you annoyed them in any way or you misbehaved would beat you with a stick.
12 year old: Were there any other forms of punishment?
Grandma: I’m not sure…. Yes there was! They would make you stand in the corner and call you a ‘donkey’ when you got a question wrong because you were considered an idiot.
12 year old: Were you provided with food in your school?
Grandma: Well, I wouldn’t consider what they gave us food, it was more of a kind of slop! You were not allowed to bring packed lunch, and the food was usually burnt.
12 year old: Did you have any toys?
Grandma: Yes, but they were homemade. We made dolls out of rags and windmills out of straw.
12 year old: What are your earliest memories?
Grandma: My earliest memories were weaving wool into yarn at the age of five. The adults were very impresses by my weaving.
12 year old: Do you own anything with sentimental value?
Grandma: I have a photo of my first school photo. I cut my hair with a normal pair of scissors to make me look ‘pretty’ but it didn’t look very nice!  It holds fond memories of pure blissfulness from my childhood.

Grandma’s first school photo

12 year old: Do you think that people really ‘grow up’ or are they always children at heart?
Grandmother: I believe there are two types of people: ones who just grow up and abandon their childhood and ones who keep it with them. I definitely prefer the former of the latter as they tend to be a bit more fun to be around.

My grandmother certainly gained experience and knowledge through her past, but she will always be fun and quirky. She teaches me moral lessons, how to use my creativity (using a piece of bread as a rubber for example) and can also be exciting to play with. I really do love my granny, and it is her past which made her the wonderful woman she is today!


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