Salma from Holland Park School has created a list of inventions that previous generations have created which have enriched our lives. Can you think of anything else that have transformed the way we live for the better?

Our present and our future would not be the way it is if not for the past- a time of change, discovery and difference. Now we live in a time where technology defies our lives. The youth of today, however, underestimate the importance of our past; they are blind to the fact that your past labour has built up our community into a skyscraper of unity, wonder and ease. You have experienced the discoveries and inventions of things we see now and take for granted. In the early 1900’s people were welcomed into a time of discovery. We all need a reminder of what came to being in the past- beyond war. What exactly did your generation leave for us?

Microwave oven
Where would we be without the marvel of the microwave invented by Percy Spencer in 1946? Now I can warm up a snack for myself or I can use it to speed up a science experiment at home. Now I have more time left to enjoy new experiences.

Without the miraculous invention of the photocopier, I would not be able to have copies of memories, to print work for school, home and business. Chester F. Carlson brought a machine to life that makes my daily life easier.

First successful helicopter
We see the soar high in the sky- a symbol of a dream once impossible now made real. Igor Sikorsky brought the first successful helicopter to life in 1939. Now I can see places from a whole new perspective in the sky.

Bubble gum
Invented in 1928, bubble gum is adored by many now, including me. Berry, mint, cinnamon, watermelon and many other flavours burst in my mouth whenever I chew gum. I can do competitions against my friends to blow a bubble, get rid of stress, have a good taste in my mouth and a good breath.

The wonder of today: television was invented in 1925 by John Hogie Baird. We can see incredible movies, live broadcasts from all over the world and the latest news. Our lives have changed immensely because of this stunning creation.

Your generation has left a lasting legacy for ours! We are growing stronger and smarter because your past has built a bridge for us to the mountain of success and opportunity. Now I have inventions to give me a way of knowing things faster, relaxing better, seeing things like never before and having memories that will last a lifetime. Your past was persistent in its path of discovery so we may have a better life.

As part of our new letter writing initiative, perhaps you could consider writing about inventions or ideas that have enriched your lives?


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