We have created a basic set of questions you may like to use as a starting point when interviewing a relative. Of course, you do not have to stick rigidly to the questions (many grandparents were actually born after the war) and you might even want to create your own.

The most effective method is to use the recording facility on your smartphone, all models have them and they’re easy to use. We accept most formats including AAC, FLAC, OGG, or WMA files. Please ensure you’re in a quiet room, with no distractions. Allow a 10-second pause before you start to chat, then introduce yourselves. Set the phone no more than 12 inches away from the conversation. The interview doesn’t need to be lengthy, so chat naturally for as long as you wish – most of the interviews we have are less than 5 minutes. After you’ve finished, allow 10 seconds silence afterward.

Once you’ve finished:

  • Email us the recording


Alternatively, you can upload the file to Soundcloud and send us the link via email.

  1. Who were your childhood heroes?
  2. What was it like to live through the wars?
  3. What was your favourite food in the war?
  4. How did you communicate best with your friends when you were a teenager?
  5. Were there any particular phrases that were popular in your teenage days?
  6. As you look back do you see any turning points that changed the course of your life are there any particular songs, that brings back memories and goose bumps?
  7. What are your most proud and grateful for?
  8. What do you use the web for?
  9. What was a true passion for you and what started it?
  10. How old were you when you went abroad for the first time?
  11. Do you have a favourite book, film TV programme that you like to curl up with and escape ?
  12. What are your favourite quotations?
  13. What topics and info would you like to see on Silver Robin?

To get you started, we have Robins story which might help give you a few ideas.

Have fun!

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