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These are a selection of messages sent in support to Silver Robin

Just listened to the lady on LBC radio well done granny!!! Just wish my mum was on-line 🙂
Heard about your site on LBC earlier today so thought I would take a look. What a pleasant site I will be using it and recommending it to others.
Heather F
I would love to join your group. I live in sheltered housing in Teddington.
Sally Coussis
Love the idea of this forum. Older people with lots of experience all talking to each other makes for interesting reading. Older people enjoy a similar sense of humour and fun. I sometimes am not sure what comedians are talking about I only recognize the curse words. I am lonely because my children are not close by and my husband has a terminal illness. The illness is taking away his muscles and he finds it hard to talk and breathe so I think breathing is more important. He has Motor Neurone Disease.
I’m Will, aged 18. I’m from Stroud, Gloucestershire but I am currently volunteering in Uganda, East Africa; working with local businesses as a junior consultant to aid their performance. I stumbled across this website as it was promoted on Age UK’s Facebook, and having been attempting to teach my grandmother how to use her kindle, including games and Facebook, I think it is fantastic you decided to establish this website. As much as I make the time to visit my nan, I am sure at times she may feel lonely as her husband passed in the 80’s. When I return from UG in December I will hopefully get here to start using Silver Robin! Just wanted to show my appreciation for what you have done. Have a fantastic day.
Will Cullinane
I would be pleased to talk to anyone.
Margaret miller
Hi this sounds a good idea, anyone from my area – North East .. I don’t get out much , just to shop once a week, don’t see much of people.
Susan T

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