Winners of our Then and Now Competition, run in collaboration with Silver Robin, were announced at our prize-giving event. We had some fantastic entries from all over the County and were very impressed with the level of talent and creativity, well done to all those who entered. Please see below for the full listing:

Old School are a pioneering an exciting new initiative in which we are inviting members of the community aged 65 and over, with time on their hands, to come and share the benefit of their life experience with us. Some volunteers are teamed with individual students as part of a carefully-monitored project.

The initiative has been designed to benefit volunteers (senior partners) and students (junior partners) alike and external experts have been brought in to track their progress. Previous initiatives of this kind, which were trialed in the USA (over a period of a year and with primary school students), were shown to have a positive influence on students’ learning performance and grades. Research conducted by Manchester Metropolitan University into similar programmes also showed improvements in schoolwork as well as raised levels of confidence, self-esteem, and happiness in both groups. We cannot guarantee positive outcomes, but we are hopeful that some of these benefits will be enjoyed by students of The Oxford Academy and our senior partners.

For more details on the Old School can be seen here.

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