July 2018
We are preparing ourselves for a busy summer! In between the heat and the sports, Silver Robin is forging more connections with the young and older generations. Last month, students from St Edward School in Oxford, spent a few hours with Avril and friends of Silver Robin. It was very beneficial and enjoyed by everyone involved. There will be further contributions very soon, with stories and competitions. Keep your eyes on the site!




May 2018
While the world seems on standby to uncertainty, now seems to be the time to focus on the important things in life, like family, memories and lessons learned from the past. At Silver Robin, we are continuing to build upon our work on recording conversations and interviews, as ever, doing our bit to connect the young and the wise. We are reaching out to you to let us know what you’d like to hear on the site. Whether it’s simple conversation and reflection or advice and opinion, either way, please feel free to get in touch with suggestions.

April 2018
You may notice that we are focusing more and more on recordings of stories and memories, documenting snippets of peoples lives, particularly with a connection between the generations. It’s important that todays generation understand and appreciate these first hand accounts, particularly in an age of social media. We at Silver Robin will continue to embrace the digital domain to spread our message!

March 2018
Silver Robin has made it through the long winter, the shock of the late snow fall hasn’t stopped us from bring new and original content to the site! This spring we will collaborate with more schools, sharing our raison d’être to bring the generations closer. We have also added new soundfiles from Joyce and one of our heroes, Bill Rennells. We shall continue our mission to use creative and practical themes to spread the word, but as ever we are all ears for suggestions!

February 2018
Now January is done with and as the days become longer, we are busy organising new ideas for projects and collaborators. Silver Robins creator, Avril will be presenting to students from Oxford Brookes University, who will be using Silver Robin as a case study towards digital marketing. We also have new schools to work with, reinforcing our connection with the elderly and young people as well as broadcasting unique recordings and interviews for the Silver Robin website.

January 2018
Happy new year! Silver Robin are hatching some interesting ideas and connections for the next year, to help our message of bringing the generations together. The last year has been very productive for Silver Robin, with TV and radio appearances, as well as our great content. Thank you for all your help and ideas, please feel free to get in touch and tell us what you would like to see.

December 2017
Just where has the year gone? As temperatures start to dip and we reflect on the past year, we hope that Silver Robin continues to be a friend to our readers. To spread and encourage us to chat with one another, we have our annual Advent Calendar for you to enjoy from the 1st of December, all the way to the 25th. We are continuing our mission to help connect the young and the old, with 25 ‘advent’ conversations from Holland Park Comprehensive students with their grandparents. We will also have more articles as well as a few interesting soundbites and fun from a couple of guest stars. Keep on checking the website everyday for a new advent conversation.

November 2017
We’re gearing up to christmas, so it would be a shame to spoil the surprises Silver Robin has in store for you, but lets just say we have a happening with some well known names, more interviews and our well recieved advent calendar. We’d also like you to get busy, so what would you like to see on the site? Keep an eye on Silver Robin and our social media for developments!

October 2017
You may have noticed the collaboration we have created between the young and the old, bridging the generations to find common ground via schools and community, but don’t forget this isn’t just the reason why we do this! If you wish to share a memory, pictures, interviews or just a thought with us, then please get in touch.

September 2017
We’ve had a very busy summer, with the Silver Robin team making connections and spreading the word about our mission to help connect the generations. We have had very positive responses and feedback from our friends from Holland Park and The Oxford Academy school and we will be continuing to strenghten our links with them and their talented pupils. We are also planning further features on the site – stay tuned!

August 2017

Silver Robin is spreading its wings…
We now have a young editor Maya joining the team.
She and her friends will be encouraging, exploring and highlighting the links between the generations.
We hope this will be fun and of interest to all.
Please send us your thoughts and memories

July 2017

After a successful campaign and drive to encourage young people and the older generation to collaborate on a project, we can now present the winners of the competition. For those who entered, we would like to thank you for the effort and time you’ve put in! As the competition is now over, we will no longer be accepting any more entries but watch this space for any future developments. Short listed submissions will be on display during The Oxford Literary Festival at The Oxford Academy and will also appear on the Silver Robin website.

Primary Visual Group Category

1st Prize – East Oxford Primary School Full Circle Group at the East Oxford Primary School
2nd Prize – Northbourne C.E (A) Primary School and The Meadows Care Home, Didcot at the Northbourne C.E (A) Primary School
3rd Prize – Caitlin, Daisy & Full Circle Group at the Deddington C of E Primary School

Primary Visual Individual Category

1st Prize – Lilly-May Sarbon & Lorraine Armstrong at the Horspath C of E Primary School
2nd Prize – Catherine Cairns & Jean Polley at the Appleton C of E Primary School
3rd Prize – Jake Bushen & Full Circle Group at the Deddington C of E Primary School

Primary Written Category

1st Prize – Anna Cairns & David Polley at the Appleton C of E Primary School
2nd Prize – Jessie Middleton & Heather Burgessat the Deddington C of E Primary School
3rd Prize – Gill Howe & Hannah Rose Howe

Secondary Written Category

1st Prize – Elizabeth Cairns & Elaine Joynes at the Didcot Girls’ School
2nd Prize – Harry Woollands & Penny Powell at the The Oxford Academy
3rd Prize – Megan Davies & Liz Fryerat the The Oxford Academy

Once again well done to those who entered.

June 2017

We are starting to build up an impressive collection of artwork and written pieces for our competition! We will be making several announcements in the local media to encourage young people and their older relatives or friends to enter – we have cash prices! It is also a great opportunity for you to showcase your talents, and provide exposure not only on the silver robin website, but also our partner The Oxford Academy. Don’t forget to add us on social media, we are on facebook and twitter so please spread the word.

Deadline extension!! Please be aware the deadline has been extended from 19th June at noon to the new date of Thursday 29th June at noon!

May 2017

We are proud to announce that Silver Robin, is hosting a competition in association with Old School at The Oxford Academy. Continuing our mutual passion for intergenerational work we are holding a competition to promote long lasting friendships that bridge the generational gap. Partnerships, between an older and younger person, are being given the opportunity to collaborate and produce a creative written or visual art piece. The theme is Then and Now; a comparison of eras and a sharing of experiences. Entered pieces are to be judged by local authors and well known faces.

April 2017

Silver Robin have been very busy in the last couple of weeks preparing more of our popular sound bytes from Silver Robin readers. We are are also preparing a competition with cash prizes! Yes, Free cash! Stay tuned to the website and all will be revealed in the next few weeks. Don’t forget to check Silver Robin out on Social Media, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

We are also going to publish a series of stories written by pupils of Holland Park School, this will be a build up to our yet to be announced competition which encourages young people to join forces and collaborate on a creative project to win a cash prize. All will be announced very soon!

March 2017

It’s been a mixed winter hasn’t it? with oddly warm days mixed with some bitter weather. As we now enter March, hopefully this will be the last of the cold and wind. We have been busy preparing and thinking of new material over the last few months, including some great valentines stories, as well as poems and new articles about loneliness. We also have some plans for easter, so subscribe to our newsletter to be up to date every time we add an article!

January 2017

Happy new year to all our Silver Robin readers, after the amazing response of the Festive calendar, we hope to keep this momentum and interest in the site flowing, so we have a few ideas and plans for the coming weeks. Stay tuned for some very special features. Please stay warm.

December 2016

We have had huge support for our Festive calendar. It was launched on the 1st of December and we have already had press coverage! Following Avrils BBC Radio Oxford interview, she was approached by the Oxford Mail.


Read the article here:


and the Advent calendar can be seen here:

November 2016

Christmas is coming up! Already! So we are busy developing a few ideas for the festive period. Sadly it can be a lonely time for some people, who can’t get out of the house. We are planning a few social events as well as asking a few friends to help put the message across. Listen to Avril chat to BBC Radio Oxford about our latest campaign. It’s on at 53 minutes for about 3 ½ minutes.


To read more about this click here!


October 2016

We encourage you to get involved with Silver Robin by asking you to send ideas, articles and pictures to add to the site – we are adding several new features, which include a pets corner, historic photographs from your family album and hopefully have more interviews with ordinary people who have lived full and interesting lives. Please help us document these for people to share and enjoy.

Summer 2016


The new site had only been up for a week and had already been noticed!

Silver Robin won the Good Neighbour Award at the OCVA (Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary Action) Charity and Volunteer Awards!

It was held at a prestigious award ceremony which was held at Oxford Town Hall on the 11th May 2016. The award itself was presented by Ami, a development by Oxford Computer Consultants (OCC) in partnership with a number of local and national volunteer organisations.

The Good Neighbour Award is a new award for 2016. It has been awarded to a group who, in the judges opinion, has made an exceptional effort to tackle the problem of loneliness in the 21st century.

Loneliness and isolation is a growing problem in our society today and is as bad for our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Ami is a new concept in flexible volunteering which helps to connect lonely and isolated people within their communities.


We hope to be working closely with both Ami and OCVA in the near future.


The Silver Robin website has been redesigned! We have now categorised the articles, so they’re now easier to find. We also will have a new wealth of articles to add over the next few months and hopefully you will have something to contribute. We are currently pushing a questions and answers questionnaire to help you tell us more about yourselves, focused around your memories and past stories. If you’d like to get involved please go to the http://www.silverrobin.co.uk/over-to-you/ page. We would also like to encourage you to get in touch if you’d like to speak about your experiences. If you’re interested, please get in touch and we’ll get back to you. Everybody has got a story!

One idea we are going to encourage, is the ability for you to speak directly to us. We appreciate that typing out, editing and arranging written material can be time consuming, so we will be looking at ways where you can speak to us without wearing out your fingers! We’ll make an announcement very soon.

We’re also interested in linking the older generation with teenagers. Teenagers will often speak to their grandparents about things more often than their own parents! If you’re young and would like to tell us about your grandparent, neighbour or family friend then get in touch!

…..and don’t forget to join us on twitter and facebook, the links to our social media is on the right had side.

Thank you!

The Silver Robin Team

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