As our competition is drawing to an end, we are going to put some of the entries up on the Silver Robin website for you to enjoy. This charming entry is called’ My Granny lives over the Ocean’ by Hannah Rose Howe (aged 11) and Gill Howe (aged 79) It is split into two sections.

Granny’s piece

My name is Gill Howe and my granddaughter is Hannah. I live in England and Hannah lives in Australia.

Like most grannies, I have always been involved in Hannah’s life. She was born in Oxford and left when she was just over a year when her family returned to Melbourne. My friends often pity me, saying how hard it must be not to see the grandchildren on a regular basis, Hannah and I think about this as her poem shows. But in fact I feel as wonderfully close to her and her brother as if they were next door. We have visited each other regularly but it is something more than that which creates our special bond. Gone are the old days of waiting three weeks for a letter from abroad. With email and skype everyday events can be shared almost immediately, drawings and essays shown and commented upon, the flowers in my garden admired, school uniforms shown off and now there is a delightful new addition of a puppy called Monty to be enjoyed together. Nothing is too small as it is all an important part of our everyday lives. This sharing creates that very special relationship and you will see the joy this brings to us both…

Hannah’s poem

My granny lives overseas
And she has a garden full of bumblebees.
Her house is a mystery waiting to be explored.
Her house is also spectacular and should win an award.

We phone her at night
and it is a wonderful delight!
We go and see her every second year
and when we leave there is always a tear.

Me and my family live in Australia where it is always so hot
and you also can never ever find a shady spot!
We all miss her so,
but we will always see her soon as we know.

We always go traveling to different countries together
no matter the weather.
I wish we all lived in the same country
that would be as sweet as honey

My granny also tells amazing tales
like for example a story about lonely whales
It’s really hard and sad having her overseas
and I think she completely agrees.

My granny loves to come and visit us here
and when she does come we give a huge cheer!
She also loves to spoil us rotten
which is very, very often.

My granny is very generous
and she is also very precious.
When we go and visit her I am always so excited
and she is always so delighted.

Even though the plane flight to England is so tiring and long
it’s always good to be back where you belong!

My granny always brings joy to my day.

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