A Guide to the Silver Robin Intergenerational Letter Writing Project

Project Brief

An intergenerational project aimed at 12-14 year olds and older people. Enabling an opportunity for worthwhile friendships to form through sharing our hopes, fears, passions and possibilities together. Initially facilitated through good old-fashioned letter writing.

AThe Silver Robin Letter Writing Project has kindly been sponsored by the Oxford County Council and Bicester Village amongst others.

Project Logistics

A class pack provides for 30 children and includes:

60 sheets of Silver Robin note paper, 

60 2nd class stamps

60 envelopes

30 pens

a guide to letter writing template

a guide to the letter writing project

Each Child will receive:

2 sheets of Silver Robin note paper, 

2 2nd class stamps

2 envelopes

1 pen

Project Logistics

Please note that the pens are erasable to promote confidence in letter writing. Each child will write their letter and enclose their letter, a blank sheet of Silver Robin headed paper, a stamped addressed envelope addressed to the their name at their school in an envelope addressed to their correspondent.

The correspondent should be someone of a different generation to theirs; suggestions would be to a grandparent, family friend, neighbour or school alumni. Safeguarding needs to be addressed to ensure the safety of all concerned and we would suggest that the stamped addressed return envelopes are addressed to the child at the school’s address.
Have fun!

Get Involved

If you would like to register your interest in the project with us, please send us a reply email and we will be happy to set up a meeting to discuss your involvement in the project further or send you over a pack for you to get started!