This is another thought provoking piece from a student from Holland Park School, Ryan has written about his thinking about serendipity and fortune. He finishes the piece with a great story, which rounds up our contributions from Holland Park school. Please share and spread these stories, we’ve been very lucky to have recieved so many high quality pieces, so they’ve got to be worth boasting about!

Coincidences: a remarkable occurrence of events or circumstances without an apparent causal connection. Considered by many as life’s best present. They are able to bring back the inner child in us – no matter what our biological age is. They are able to foster beliefs in God or generate faith in something other. They are able to conjure up a sense of magic. Questions are asked about these wonders yet none can be answered. A coincidence – especially one to happen to you is simply elating. It may stand out as a momentous event in one’s life or fade into insignificance.

Personally, as I believe in ghosts and paranormal activity, I find it utterly boring to hear someone has chosen the more logical answer to these mysteries. For me it is not the evidence that makes me believe in coincidences, but the possibility that there may be something creating these wonders on purpose. For example ,the chance that there is another race out there and what they may be doing is amazing.

Twins share DNA but do they also share fate? Two twins separated at birth, who were both adopted by two different families, were both named James. Now I know what you’re thinking: this is not that amazing. However, they both married a woman called Linda, then divorced her. Then, they both married a woman called Betty, had a son called James Allen and worked as a sheriff. It is even more special as they had not met each other before any of this had happened! A story like this is an inspiration for many people across the globe, which has been separated from a sibling: you should never give up, as soon as life seems like it is getting too hard, it will always give you a gift.

The next story is one that you will not  believe to be true… It all began when 23 year old Alex got bored of his lock screen, so asked his friend, Cecile, to text him any photo. Out of all the infinite photos in her camera roll she chose one which had a picture of Cecile as four years old. However, this was no ordinary photo. In the background, Michael recognised his grandmother. Keeping in mind that the two friends, had only met at 20 years old, this is simply incredible. Michael asked Cecile where the picture was taken and she answered Toronto, Canada. Yet Michael’s grandmother has lived in Ohio, USA for her whole life. It turns out she was visiting her husband’s relatives at the exact same time and place as Cecile was taking a photo! The probability of that is unimaginable! This shows that life has coincidences everywhere you just have to find them, if that means rummaging through dusty drawers in your house or asking a friend for a photo.

Personally, I have never experienced any major coincidences in my life, yet for me there is still hope. Reading about these stories is simply fascinating. If you have experienced your own coincidence, I would love to hear from you.


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