Silver Robin aims to alleviate loneliness by connecting the young and the old. Silver Robin can help facilitate this by sharing stories, experiences, and memories. We have already connected schools with the older community, where students have collaborated with the senior generation to share a common interest.

Ways you can get involved:

  • Write a poem about Christmas!

Create a poem about the most festive time of year! What are you excited for? What is your favourite part of the day? What do you do celebrate? Once your poem is complete, simply record the reading on a smart phone or someone else reading it and send it to us!

  • Share a Christmas memory!

Take the time to share a Christmas memory with someone from the older community! Do you have a magical memory of decorating the tree? Is there a memory you have of Christmas eve? Was there a Christmas disaster that you now chuckle about? Once you’ve shared a memory each, simply send the smart phone recording of memories to us!

  • Conduct a 3-5 minute conversation about Christmas!

Sit down for a chat with someone from the older community and discuss how you each spend your Christmas Day! What time do you sit down for Christmas dinner? Do you open presents in the morning or afternoon? Do you have traditions you stick to each year? Once you’ve had a good chat, simply send the smart phone recording of the conversation to us!

  • Create a recipe for Christmas Cheer!

Make a list of things needed to deliver the Ultimate Christmas Cheer! Is it a dash of compassion and a dollop of good will? A teaspoon of happiness and a cup of excitement? Once you’ve finished your list, simply record yourself using your smart phone or someone else reading it and send it to us!

Please send entries to subjected ‘Christmas Entries’.

Each entry we receive will be posted on the website throughout December for the enjoyment of people who visit the site, hopefully alleviating loneliness and creating community.

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