Advent Calendar

Pupils from Holland Park Comprehensive chat to the older generation about Christmas. December 1st For the first advent, this is a lively conversation with Clementine Yates with her Grandmother about Christmas presents! December 2nd For the second advent, Clementine Yates continues her conversation with her Grandmother about Christmas. December 3rd For the third advent, Clementine… Click here for more



This is another thought provoking piece from a student from Holland Park School, Ryan has written about his thinking about serendipity and fortune. He finishes the piece with a great story, which rounds up our contributions from Holland Park school. Please share and spread these stories, we’ve been very lucky to have recieved so many… Click here for more


Top 5 Modern Day Technologies that can benefit the Elderly

Issah from Holland Park School has contributed this very useful guide on some of the current technologies that can benefit not just the elderly but everyone. If you want more information about these and other products, apps or websites you’ve come across, feel free to get in touch! 5. Virtual Reality Headset This is a… Click here for more


Talking About Your Generation

Salma from Holland Park School has created a list of inventions that previous generations have created which have enriched our lives. Can you think of anything else that have transformed the way we live for the better? Our present and our future would not be the way it is if not for the past- a… Click here for more


The Evolution of ‘The Flash’ (1940 – 2009)

What’s The Flash you may ask? Kian from Holland Park School has put together this detailed account about this timeless comic book hero. In the 1940s ‘The Flash’ was introduced to the DC Golden Age universe featuring a college football star called Jay Garrick. He accidentally inhales hard water  vapours after taking a smoke break… Click here for more



We have had a slight break for technical reasons, but now are back on track with our contributions from Holland Park school with this brief but neat historical analysis on rock music over the decades put together by Maria. Maria, we bow to your knowledge and taste! Enjoy this one, it really has some great… Click here for more


What the Young Generation do not see in the Elderly Generation

Leonardo from Holland Park School has been chatting to his Grandmother about World War II and has documented how lucky subsequent generations have been with their quality of life and fortune. Not too long ago, I talked to my grandparents, a couple who had lived partially through the war; lived through the cold war; 9/11;… Click here for more


The Elderly: School and Childhood

Another great little interview between a Granny and her grandchild, again showing us exactly what Silver Robin is all about! If you’ve been inspired by what you’ve read over the last few weeks and would like to tell us about it, please have a look at our competition page. Although it may be hard to… Click here for more


Being Young in the 2000s

Marcello from Holland Park school has offered a balanced aspect of the digital age, with a analysis of his awareness and potential of technology. It is inevitable that life as a child has changed in comparison to your own childhood. Firstly, we have technology which from our perspectives is a huge advantage. Today we rely… Click here for more