Advent and Christmas

Although I officially retired in 1998 I still teach philosophy once a week to children in primary school. This year I have a Year Six class which means they are ten or eleven years of age. This week since it was the beginning of Advent I asked them to think about the following famous saying:… Click here to read more


Are you interested in getting a GCSE in Maths or English?

Friends of Silver Robin, The Oxford Academy are running FREE Adult Learning courses. One of the best ways of keeping yourself busy and challenging your brain as you get older is to study. You’re never too old to stop learning, and it’s completely free of charge! Available Courses IGCSE English Boot Camp When? Wednesday 21/09/16… Click here to read more


Your photographs

We all have them, binders, photo albums or even a shoe box. All full of unique photographs capturing moments in our lives for prosperity. When photography was relatively novel, photography was more like a science and in most cases a privilege. However techniques and availability of cameras and film processing, particularly in the post war… Click here to read more



August 2017 Silver Robin is spreading its wings… We now have a young editor Maya joining the team. She and her friends will be encouraging, exploring and highlighting the links between the generations. We hope this will be fun and of interest to all. Please send us your thoughts and memories July 2017 After a… Click here to read more