Mothers Day

Taia Fry has kindly sent in some recordings celebrating Mothers Day. The tradition of Mother’s Day has been around since the 1900’s, created to honour and celebrate the mother of the family. It is now celebrated in over 70 different countries and serves as an important reminder of the daily tasks that our mothers selflessly… Click here for more


An informal chat with a sprightly 99 year old

Following our Christmas Advent calendar of tales and anecdotes, we have a series of further recollection from one of our oldest viewers. 99 year old Joyce has kindly donated her time with Silver Robin, recollecting fluid and vivid accounts about the weekends, Sunday school, the rule of not working on Sunday, the lost art of… Click here for more


A diary entry as a homesharer

We have a diary entry via the Homeshare website, which brings old and young together, and supports social isolation and independence. 5th August 2017 A diary entry as a homesharer It is a Saturday today and the garden fence is coming down, or more accurately – it has come down. W, her son and myself… Click here for more


Draw a Tree to help to prioritize your tasks

This article by Bill Johnston is intended to help nervous First Term newcomers to universities and colleges, and slightly apprehensive new 6th Form students. So many topics to research and write about, subjects to research, read about, give your valuable time to – you may not be great at self-organising, and it is possible to… Click here for more


Victoria & Abdul

We have something a little different for you to enjoy, Silver Robin went to see Dame Judi Dench’s acclaimed film ‘Victoria & Abdul’. Abdul Karim arrives from India to participate in Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee. The young clerk is surprised to find favor with the queen herself. As Victoria questions the constrictions of her long-held… Click here for more


A Postcard from Shetland

Chris Dell, 78, overcame TB in his teenage years and wrote a book about it. In the 1960’s, he and friends, all in their early twenties, became enthusiastic hitch-hikers and youth hostellers. On this ‘adventure’, they left Enfield, London for Scotland, visited seven other countries and ended up back in Dover. Today’s credit cards, mobile… Click here for more


Advent and Christmas

Although I officially retired in 1998 I still teach philosophy once a week to children in primary school. This year I have a Year Six class which means they are ten or eleven years of age. This week since it was the beginning of Advent I asked them to think about the following famous saying:… Click here for more


Are you interested in getting a GCSE in Maths or English?

Friends of Silver Robin, The Oxford Academy are running FREE Adult Learning courses. One of the best ways of keeping yourself busy and challenging your brain as you get older is to study. You’re never too old to stop learning, and it’s completely free of charge! Available Courses IGCSE English Boot Camp When? Wednesday 21/09/16… Click here for more


Your photographs

We all have them, binders, photo albums or even a shoe box. All full of unique photographs capturing moments in our lives for prosperity. When photography was relatively novel, photography was more like a science and in most cases a privilege. However techniques and availability of cameras and film processing, particularly in the post war… Click here for more