No time for goodbyes

It was Singapore in January 1941. We were just about to board the SS Orion en route for Sydney, Australia. Loudspeakers were warning passengers that due to the emergency, we were only allowed on board with what we could carry. So trunks of clothing etc. were left on the wharf, and hasty decisions made. My… Click here to read more


Sir Roger Bannister

Last year, we recorded some interviews exclusively for Silver Robin which offered some candid conversation for our advent calendar. One of our guests was the well known British hero, Sir Roger Bannister, who recently passed away aged 88. He was known as the first man to break the four minute mile but often said that… Click here to read more


Advent Calendar

Pupils from Holland Park Comprehensive chat to the older generation about Christmas. December 1st For the first advent, this is a lively conversation with Clementine Yates with her Grandmother about Christmas presents! December 2nd For the second advent, Clementine Yates continues her conversation with her Grandmother about Christmas. December 3rd For the third advent, Clementine… Click here to read more


Me and my National Service

Reflecting on his pre- and Army days, Brian Jarvis, 81, also recollects how moved he was by the 1969 film, Oh What a Lovely War. Its bitter-sweet reflections of WW1, and British attitudes and patriotism prevailing then, is often sentimental yet so evocative of songs that helped morale, and is now one of music’s lost… Click here to read more


Wonderful B-17 Bomber

We have something very special here, to join the other great personal accounts on Silver Robin. Enjoy and appreciate this amazing and inspiring story of heroism. In 1943 a mid-air collision on February 1, 1943, Between a B-17 and a German fighter over the Tunis dock area, became the subject of one of the most… Click here to read more


Marianne’s journey through Europe

Marianne speaks candidly to Taia about her experiences of being a 20 year old Hungarian refugee, she tells us about seeking a better life towards the tail end of World War II. This has been recorded into two parts, the first documents the trials and tribulations of the journey travelling through Europe, the second installment… Click here to read more


Valentine memories

We have four Valentines memories for you to listen to, the first one is from Isabella who talks to Silver Robin about the experience of Valentines day prior to moving to the UK., followed by Vic who tells us about trying to identify the cards at school, and how things never really changed when he… Click here to read more


Audio Festive Advent Calendar

Silver Robin with the support of our friends, tries to find ways to bring young and old together to alleviate the feeling of loneliness that blights the everyday lives of thousands. During the festive season of Christmas these feelings can be particularly acute. So, we feel it’s an ideal time for an antidote, a celebration… Click here to read more


Evacuated Twice

I am nearly 78 now but can recall very vividly the first time I was evacuated at the age of eighteen months to Bourton-on-the-Water. They had a lovely dog called Gypsy who lived in the cottage where I stayed for a while with my mother and a dear old couple. Their dog became my constant… Click here to read more


An ordinary family in World War II

Personal memories of Margaret Barnes from Canterbury My story starts September 1939. My older sister and I lived with my parents in Wimbledon. S.W London when war was declared Mary was 15 and I was 10. We heard Chamberlain on the radio. He spoke gravely in a low voice. At the dismal and alarming news,… Click here to read more