Music brings young and old together

We have a fascinating piece submitted via email by Chris Dell. A masterclass for young musicians held by Graham Wade, professor of classical guitar, at The Old Malthouse, Sawbridgeworth Whether you are a specialist music teacher or, like me, writes Chris Dell, retired computer specialist and guitarist with a music degree, there is great satisfaction… Click here for more


Sir Roger Bannister

Last year, we recorded some interviews exclusively for Silver Robin which offered some candid conversation for our advent calendar. One of our guests was the well known British hero, Sir Roger Bannister, who recently passed away aged 88. He was known as the first man to break the four minute mile but often said that… Click here for more


Bill Rennells from the BBC!

We have something very special for you to kick off 2018! Avril, Silver Robins creator invited BBC Oxford Radio Bill Rennells (Harmony Night) to offer himself an evening with mock panel of fans, which allows Bill to tell us about several anedotes. To listen, please press play on the sound file below. Keep checking this… Click here for more


Advent Calendar

Pupils from Holland Park Comprehensive chat to the older generation about Christmas. December 1st For the first advent, this is a lively conversation with Clementine Yates with her Grandmother about Christmas presents! December 2nd For the second advent, Clementine Yates continues her conversation with her Grandmother about Christmas. December 3rd For the third advent, Clementine… Click here for more


Wonderful B-17 Bomber

We have something very special here, to join the other great personal accounts on Silver Robin. Enjoy and appreciate this amazing and inspiring story of heroism. In 1943 a mid-air collision on February 1, 1943, Between a B-17 and a German fighter over the Tunis dock area, became the subject of one of the most… Click here for more


Valentine memories

We have four Valentines memories for you to listen to, the first one is from Isabella who talks to Silver Robin about the experience of Valentines day prior to moving to the UK., followed by Vic who tells us about trying to identify the cards at school, and how things never really changed when he… Click here for more


Interview with Margaret, 102 years old worth of memories!

We’ve have a fascinating 17 minute interview from Margaret, being interviewed by Lissie and Lily. Margaret chats to the girls about her philosophical view of the world, her funniest moment, school days, army life, her relationships with her parents and letter writing, growing up in Nottingham and Italy, war experiences and beyond. Please click on… Click here for more


World War II in Canterbury

We’ve been lucky enough to catch some of Bill Rennells time, a long established broadcaster with BBC Radio Oxford, BBC Radio 2 and others. He shares his experiences of World War 2 with us. The first cloud on the horizon of my 6 and 7-year-old childhood in Canterbury came when I saw the word’ crisis’… Click here for more


Avril’s story

We at Silver Robin, are always looking for ways to bridge the gap between ‘oldies’ and young people, in particular teenagers. Most children have fond memories of their grandparents lives and achievements, so we are encouraging our readers to share their experiences and memories. To start off, we have Avril Lethbridge’s thoughts for you to… Click here for more


Dusty the Ford Anglia

Following our Questions and Answers request, we have received this fascinating insight by Alan from Warwickshire, on his memories of his first car. A change in circumstances and a new office job meant that I had to learn to drive. It was 1968 and I was living in Nuneaton, Warwickshire and had been offered a… Click here for more