The Joy of…..Craft

The first thing I remember knitting was a toy duck, though I am sure there would have been the odd wonky scarf before that. I was about 7 years old and attended a village primary school where the boys did art and the girls did needlework. I had to queue at the teacher’s desk to… Click here to read more



A couple of friends of Silver Robin are conducting a survey on online photo-sharing by People aged over 60 years. Dr Sarah Quinton from Oxford Brookes University and Dr Caroline Holland and Professor Shailey Minocha of The Open University have received funding from Sir Halley Stewart Trust to investigate how and why people over 60… Click here to read more


Men and their hobbies

This has been sent by James, who is (in his own words) trying to keep young by reclaiming his youth. As a child I had a fondness for die-cast toy cars and I managed to keep quite a few of them until I left home but subsequently found that my mum binned them as ‘I… Click here to read more


Compost Corner

Duality in all things. Two sides to every coin. Yet, on one thing, I’ve always been certain, never grow vegetables for their looks but only for their taste. I’ve always gently ribbed the show growers on our allotments for their obsession with looks rather than taste. All that effort seemed a waste. Until I tried… Click here to read more


A new way of life

It was the best thing my parents ever did for me when they allowed me to come with them to the first rehearsal of our local Choral Society. I was nine years old, and loved every minute. I was the youngest member for a time, but the nature of the Society was that parents brought… Click here to read more


Tea books – reading groups for older readers.

I have been volunteering for five years with Bookfeast an Oxfordshire charity which promotes reading for pleasure. Have a look at their website which has lots going on [sorry I do not know how to attach a link] There are 17 groups through out Oxfordshire , some based in libraries and health centres , others,… Click here to read more


Flower Arranging Hints

Being a head gardener on a estate means there are many different jobs to do throughout the week. But on a Friday the focus is based around the family returning for the weekend and the jobs range from making sure there are stripes on the lawn, the gravel is raked on the driveways and the… Click here to read more


Bridge the gap

I read recently that you have to be very brave to go into old age without being able to play bridge. I can’t remember where I read it of course and that’s despite playing at least twice a week, which supposedly keeps mental deterioration at bay. Nevertheless one embraces these tips if they fit one’s… Click here to read more