A couple of friends of Silver Robin are conducting a survey on online photo-sharing by People aged over 60 years. Dr Sarah Quinton from Oxford Brookes University and Dr Caroline Holland and Professor Shailey Minocha of The Open University have received funding from Sir Halley Stewart Trust to investigate how and why people over 60… Click here to read more


Why are you lonely? Start a conversation!

It has been called a silent epidemic, hidden within every family and community. It affects all ages, including those who have people all around them. It blights millions of lives and yet many people find it hard to admit to being lonely, even to themselves. A cross-party commission has been set up in memory of… Click here to read more


Dementia Oxfordshire

Dementia Oxfordshire is a service offering information, advice and support to people living with dementia and their families. Launched in November 2015, for the past year our Dementia Advisers have been meeting people within the community, setting up support groups and enabling people with dementia to feel valued, informed and supported. We are working to… Click here to read more


Home sharing – Hubert’s Story

“It’s like having a proto family,” says Hubert Allen. Hubert, 83, shares his home in Old Marston with Shyni Joseph, a 45 year old Health Care Assistant from South India who works at the John Radcliffe Hospital. Hubert’s wife, Phoebe, passed away in 2012 and with all of Hubert’s children living away from Oxford, Shyni… Click here to read more


After-retirement activities

Anyone out there want a hugely rewarding after-retirement activity? I’ve tutored three 11-year-olds twice a week for eight years now, and seriously miss the kids when the summer holidays come. When we realise that if a child doesn’t learn to read, that child may well later turn to criminal means of getting money because he… Click here to read more


Have you been had?

These days there are constant warnings about telephone fraudsters….but we are still being had. The Times reported this week that, according to Financial Fraud Action, £24 million has already been stolen this year, mainly from the elderly and vulnerable. One pensioner reported that ‘her life was changed forever’, when she was duped into handing over… Click here to read more


Friends of the Elderly’s ‘Be a Friend Campaign’

About Be a Friend Act now and help change the future of loneliness Friends of the Elderly’s Be a Friend campaign aims to reduce loneliness in the older population by encouraging people to get to know their older neighbours. Be a Friend is a direct response to the national charity’s research report, The Future of… Click here to read more


Casserole Club

A great idea for those stuck indoors and for kind and generous neighbours ready to help out. This was featured recently on TV. One of the opening shots was of a foil covered plate and a pack of four Cadbury’s crème eggs being put onto the passenger seat of a car as a young woman… Click here to read more


Helpful travel hints

It all made such a difference to our journey that we wondered if we might manage to visit our daughter who lives in Portugal. A telephone call was made to Air Portugal to enquire about help. No problem, they said, when you book your ticket just say you require help at the airport both going… Click here to read more