You might have noticed that as the sun comes out, owners dust off their classic cars and enjoy the sunshine. Car’s are linked to evocative memories and connections, they might be made of metal, glass, rubber, and plastic but they certainly seem to have souls!

Some cars are just there to get us from A to B others become much-loved personalities. Minnie was one of them!

I was born in 1924 with a bullnose and a Hotchkiss engine.

In the year 1947 a young, charming, pipe smoking lad found me in reduced circumstances (in a ditch, no less) took pity on me and restored me to working order. Aided and abetted by a group of young thespians of the Webber Douglas, School of Singing and Dramatic Art who managed to contribute the princely sum of five pounds each for a share in ME.

I was re-christened by the Principal of their establishment who much to my discomfort, solemnly poured a bottle of beer into my water tank baptising me MINNIE MORRIS COWLEY

Thus began my many adventures as a student taxi service.

My first engagement was to accompany my glamorous young would be stars to the Theatrical Garden Party, where our entrance caused a spectacular sensation, warranting a photograph in The Times newspaper of the day.

Then followed a series of embarrassing incidents including taking a wrong turning and landing up in the middle of a deep ford, where I nearly choked to death. However the ladies of the party enjoyed being carried to safety by their beaux.

I was admired by young and old alike but the highlight for me was when an elderly couple waxing lyrical over me as they reminisced about their romantic Honeymoon in one of my kind.

One outing to Hampton Court proved most alarming when a wheel overtook me and to my horror I realised it was mine. My occupants were blissfully unaware of the situation until I collapsed on my side…. All very humiliating!

However, a few days later back in harness I was cruising on a dual carriageway when I was overtaken by an MG with rude upstarts waving a bottle and shouting ‘If you catch us it is yours.’ The race was on I have never gone so fast in my life. Amid cheers and jeers we triumphed, the bottle was ours and enjoyed by all.

After a while quite a few of my accessories ceased to function. On one occasion the passenger in the dicky seat was reduced to wearing a sock on her protruding foot in lieu of my rear light. The constabulary outside the Houses of Parliament were not amused!

But my life was to change as the young fled the nest.


Telegram Received at the Marlow Theatre 1951

‘Have sold Minnie’s Body. Your share Five Pounds’ Love B

Tell us about your love affair with a motor car?!

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