Within society today, it seems to be so harshly focused that there are ‘stereotypes.’ It is so concentrated on the fact that different types of people exist, that the attention is absent from the fact that we are all just beautifully human. Why, when I stand at a bus stop, do I have a choice to stand closer or further away from a younger or older person? Why can’t we stand together? And even have a conversation?

Because the media, politicians, teachers, and even those close to us speak only of how we can cater to the ‘stereotypical division’ caused by differing knowledge and opinion from all ages, races, and religions, instead of resolving the division completely.

A quote I try to remind myself of frequently, and in return act upon is ‘You do not have to compromise convictions to be compassionate.’ From this, I have accepted that just because I do not agree, or even understand a person’s actions, I should never decide to dislike or treat them differently.

Maybe if we took the time to talk to a person of a contrasting age at a bus stop, an older person’s feeling of loneliness would be replaced with a feeling of relevance.

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