An analysis and pragmatic point of view from another student from Holland Park School, focusing of the potential and downsides of being young and wealthy.

Being young is something our parents tell us to cherish. They say “being a child grants you some sense of freedom and right now you do not have to worry about much”, despite constant tests! I believe that schools are actually only teaches how to do tests and not the meaning of the subject – for some reason you only learn that in university. Anyway, as I was saying, as a child you are able to exercise freely whilst most adults work; you do not have to worry about taxes, love life and children and etcetera. Running as a child, for me, grants me a sense of freedom that adults have to actually scedule for in order feel this sensation too. It is glorious when you feel the wind blow against your face and swivel round your body. Primarily, being a child is about focusing on the now (somewhat) and enjoying it. However, in some ways, society has pushed children, like me, to think about the future. Overall, this urges us to succeed. Could this also be a bad thing?

Currently, I believe that the younger generation is becoming more independent: you could say that we are going up too fast. An example of this would be a child YouTuber who goes by the name of EvanTube. With the help of his father, this 8 -year – old launched his own YouTube channel and now rakes in about $1.3million each year through advertising and sponsorships. He reviews toys, talks about things that other children his age are into, and he’s secured and audience that will grow with him. Another example of a child business star is Adam Hildreth. When he was just 14, Hildreth got together with his friends to create Dubit – a social networking site. It was widely popular in the UK and by his sixteenth birthday he had nearly $3.7million in the bank. He then moved to developing Crisp, which is a software company that helps protect children from online predators. Clearly many youngsters are developing in this life of technology. However, could this be harmful? Are these children becoming independent too quickly?

At this point, it is hard to decide whether this growth in child independence gives an advantage or is detrimental. In some ways, being like these people above is kick starts your experience to adulthood. However, shouldn’t being a child be about not working and having fun whilst you still can? Overall, this topic has many sides to it, personally, it is great that children are given this freedom to chase their dreams at a young age but also growing up too quickly would make you miss out on the no-work life.


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