Marcello from Holland Park school has offered a balanced aspect of the digital age, with a analysis of his awareness and potential of technology.

It is inevitable that life as a child has changed in comparison to your own childhood. Firstly, we have technology which from our perspectives is a huge advantage. Today we rely on technology to play games which some children believe they cannot live without. However, in the 1920s, there were no electronic games and yet they managed to have plenty of fun. My Italian great grandmother for example had apparently as her preferred games to play with five stones launching them in the air and catching them alternatively or used to guide a wheel with an olive stick outside, never indoor, that she had made. According to my mum, these games go even back to the Roman times.

Nowadays, on the other hand, not only do we use computers to waste our time, but that is also detrimental to our learning. Instead of having to go to the library, we can search for whatever we want an answer for online.

As well as having a computer we have phones. This means that if we are sick we can catch up on what we did at school by texting one of our friends. Or we can organise meet up during the weekend instead of making plan in advance.

Furthermore, children today have a lot more freedom than they used to have in some sense. For example we have social media which allow us to share in with people all across the world. Another example is You Tube (a platform where people share videos) because children as young as 8 are able to post videos that anyone can see. As on the other side of a PC there could be adults who are called predators or paedophiles who could do a bad use of these videos, careful parents are more cautious today and, as a consequence, they do not allow their children to go out alone. That in a way is a real pity as parents are often very anxious and we feel it. Also that is a contrast also with previous generations’ times when they were allowed to play freely outside having the opportunity to have great fun with many friends as everybody was naturally gathering to a square, a church and so on.

To conclude, technology has completely changed a child life in the 21st century by allowing them to learn in a broader and easier way, to play games in a different way and to communicate a lot faster. The danger is that there has to be a careful and wise use of it and also that tends to keep children too much indoor.


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