Silver Robin with the support of our friends, tries to find ways to bring young and old together to alleviate the feeling of loneliness that blights the everyday lives of thousands. During the festive season of Christmas these feelings can be particularly acute. So, we feel it’s an ideal time for an antidote, a celebration of connections made, of shared experiences, of moments which echo down the years, evoking memories and creating new friendships.

Silver Robin’s Founder Avril Lethbridge has tirelessly worked over the past two months securing the idea of a Festive calendar involving cross generational conversations with help at The Oxford Academy and their ‘Old School’ project, Silver Robin is offering you this special gift.


With the support of local schools and most importantly, grandparents and their grandchildren, we have recorded an audio collection of their experiences. Not only that but we will have celebrity guests including Sir Roger Bannister and Bill Reynells sharing their special memories.

We would like to thank all of those who have helped us put this together, including Chris Braclik for his sound expertise, Oxford Community Voices for the choir intro and outro on each recording, The Oxford Academy and of course everyone who has taken the time and trouble to share their thoughts on the festive period. Christmas is a time for giving and sharing, so we’re also looking forward to receiving your own festive memories and thoughts about the Christmas period and anything else you’d like to say. If you would like to contribute please click on the over to you section and follow the instructions. If you would like to send us an audio recording (recorded on a smart phone) please email us and we will get in touch with you.

December 1st
Silver Robin are offering you this special gift for the first advent! This is part one of a conversation between Angela and 14 year old Nancy, talking about where Angela grew up, family and Christmas time in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Nancy also paints a picture of the contrasting experiences by todays generation. Enjoy!

December 2nd
Silver Robin are offering you this surprise for the second advent! This one is really special. We have Isabella recalling her memories of christmas, mass and she also discusses her many grandchildren! Enjoy this one.

December 3rd
Silver Robin are offering you a leisurely Christmas story for the third advent! Its an amusing story of Christmas by Nikki and Hannah, with a conversation about christmas in the early 1960s and comparing it to todays experiences. It finishes on a nice note.

December 4th
For the fourth advent, we have a conversation with a well known British hero, Sir Roger Bannister. He is known as the first man to break the four minute mile. He speaks to 14 year old Henry via telephone about running, student life and cristmas traditions. This is a genuinely rare treat! And there is still 21 days to Christmas day!

December 5th
Silver Robin are continuing the memories for the fifth advent! Welcome to part two of a conversation between Angela and 14 year old Nancy, talking the joys of community, some poignant moments for Angela and the finishes the conversation about growing older.

December 6th
For the sixth advent, we take a trip abroad. For this day we have Annie and Maya talking about Christmas in st Helena, providing a warm definition of Christmas on the island including a picnic for boxing day! We hope you like it!

December 7th
Silver Robin are continuing the christmas cheer for the seventh advent! This is a conversation between Vic and Brendan, describing their experiences, orientated mostly around food but concluding that things haven\’t actually changed much.

December 8th
On the 8th Day of Christmas Silver Robin brings to you the British Broadcasting Corporations Bill Reynells! He discusses his childhood Christmas in Kent, particularly through the second world war. A nicely read piece by a pro!

December 9th
For the 9th day Silver Robin is offering you something slightly different! We have a personal recollection of the festival of light known as Divali and the run up, the smells and sights of the holiday.

December 10th
Continuing our international theme, we have a taste of a Danish Christmas for the 10th advent! Alice and Emily discuss their specific versions and traditions of their Christmas, but united in in the warmth, family and joy of the season.

December 11th
On the 11th day we have wishful thinking for a white christmas! Kyllie Flyn and Molly discuss their perfect christmas, chatting about the decorations, grandparents and leave us with some great insight and hope as a conclusion. Enjoy!

December 12th
We are on the 12th day already!! We are very honoured to share with you a busy Tim Stevenson OBE, Lord Lieutenant with his Daughter Bea and Grandson Toby preparing Apple crumble. We have direct thoughts from 2 year old Toby as well as memories of Christmas rationing from Tim, and presents for the pets!

December 13th
We have arrived on the 13th day of Christmas! We have a great recollection of a war time Evacuee Rita on Christmas day and the joy of sharing the christmas spirit. A really fun reading!

December 14th
The 14th advent has been reached! We have a detailed and rich memory of Chistmas faith, family and the true meaning of christmas discussed by Anneka, Lanie and Nicole. A really great account.

December 15th
For the 15th day, we turn over to the other side of the world! Carolyn and Lisa chats about the Second world war, sports, summer to describe a glorious account of Austrlia, but also reflecting on loss but joy for the family. Hope it warms you up!

December 16th
The 16th Advent takes us to Bosnia in Central Europe. Marina tells us about the winter, presents and the modest but traditional food. The food is described in great detail! Enjoy!

December 17th
On the 17th day of the advent, we have a very charming account for you to listen to. Isabell is asking questions to her granny, who explains the memories of her special Christmas treats. Enjoy!

December 18th
For the 18th day we hear an account of a Christmas in Holland. Iris discusses with her daughter, about the changing aspects of christmas, with both agreeing on a wish.

December 19th
For the 19th advent we return back to Rita, who talks about entertianment and offers us a monologue originally created by her grandfather. She also reflects on the entertainment offered today and how it compares to her youth.

December 20th
We have arrived at the 20th advent and we have a humorous and very natural account for you to listen to. A grandfather reminisce about the family, fun and froilics of the season, while his grandaughter speaks about her modern fun traditions. Enjoy this one!

December 21st
For the 21st Advent, we present to you Barry Humphries who has kindly given Silver Robin his time to chat to us about the Australian festive season. He discusses the novelty of snow and chistmas trees, as well as rationing, beaches and pudding! This is a great account. Enjoy!

December 22nd
We are at the 22nd christmas advent, Judy chats to Anna about her experiences of her christmas memories, with the little personal touches, stories, traditions and details that made her past Christmas experience so special.

December 23rd
The 23rd advent is upon us, just 2 days to the big day and we have 2 different takes on Christmas for you to enjoy. We have Alice talking about the American experience of Christmas, followed by a more austere but equally as rewarding experience from Reatha, reminiscing about her memories of the family christmas in St Albans.

December 24th
So very nearly there…for the 24th advent we have former Police commissioner Sir Ian Blair, who has kindly offered us some thoughts for Silver Robin listeners. He discusses some of his experiences when he was young, sharing traditions and reflection for thanks.

December 25th
Merry Christmas! Thank you for checking Silver Robins advent calendar over the last few weeks, we hope you enjoyed the messages and stories told by our advent buddies. For the last and final day we have David chatting to us about his singing, the religious and family aspects of the season and leaves us with a well known recording. On behalf of all of us at Silver Robin, have a merry christmas and happy new year!

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