Silver Robin have been lucky enough to have been sent this poem by Graham Wade. Graham explains, ‘I entered a Sunday Times competition to write a Royal Wedding poem…There were 400 entries…and I won…The poem was printed in the Sunday Times on Sunday…’

And now available for you to enjoy in Silver Robin!

It is a time of happiness, no doubt,
Not just for them – the favoured few,
But also for the common herd who view
As through a stained glass window
Whatever comes and goes.

Mounted guard, limousines, cheering crowds,
The waving flags, we see it all,
And in our hearts we seek a kind of certitude,
A reassurance we are vibrant and alive,
And through seeing visions of delight
We rejoice within the human hive.

The day has come for us to savour secret dreams,
Images of wish-fulfilment and desire,
We watch the triple union of birth, wealth, and fame,
And see the kindling of love’s sacred fire.

We wish we could move closer to the flame,
And yet the old illusions hold,
In some strange way we feel we know the pair,
And on this day their lives we share
In a personal way, as if we all were there.

We watch the screen intently as the play unfolds,
The flickering emotions on her lovely face,
The bridegroom’s arm slipped round her slender waist,
How sweet, how normal, how sensitive they are,
Reminding us of other weddings, and the way we were.

Once they are married and have sealed their fate,
They move off to whatever feasts and palaces await,
Only a fool would not wish them well, the very best,
Fine children, long life, happiness, and all the rest.

Graham Wade

Graham Wade is a writer and musician who lives on the East Yorkshire coast. He has written over forty books, including biographies of musicians such as Rodrigo, Segovia, Bream. As well as these, he has written publications on classical guitar history, two historical novels and a number of slim volumes of verse.

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