July 2018 We are preparing ourselves for a busy summer! In between the heat and the sports, Silver Robin is forging more connections with the young and older generations. Last month, students from St Edward School in Oxford, spent a few hours with Avril and friends of Silver Robin. It was very beneficial and enjoyed… Click here for more


Computer programming then and now

This piece was kindly sent in by Chris Dell, a retired computer programmer with an insight into his experiences on the development of the computer. Ask any of our young school students today, believes CHRIS DELL (retired computer programmer), about early electronic computers, or magnetic tape, hard disc or magnetic card random access memory, punched… Click here for more


Those lions keep on roaring

I used to work as a social worker and, as part of my work, I would often have to present reports at panel and in court. It was a problem, as I was terrified of speaking in public and it actually compromised my work as I ended up with all the usual – dry mouth,… Click here for more


A Royal Wedding poem

Silver Robin have been lucky enough to have been sent this poem by Graham Wade. Graham explains, ‘I entered a Sunday Times competition to write a Royal Wedding poem…There were 400 entries…and I won…The poem was printed in the Sunday Times on Sunday…’ And now available for you to enjoy in Silver Robin! It is… Click here for more


Cars we have loved

You might have noticed that as the sun comes out, owners dust off their classic cars and enjoy the sunshine. Car’s are linked to evocative memories and connections, they might be made of metal, glass, rubber, and plastic but they certainly seem to have souls! Some cars are just there to get us from A… Click here for more


Prisoner of War

How many people out there have experienced the hardship of being a prisoner of war? Wendy Swan discusses her experiences in Japan during the 2nd World War on a repatriation ship. She talks to her daughter about the long and grueling journey from Japan to Mozambique and then the journey on the troop ship to… Click here for more


Music brings young and old together

We have a fascinating piece submitted via email by Chris Dell. A masterclass for young musicians held by Graham Wade, professor of classical guitar, at The Old Malthouse, Sawbridgeworth Whether you are a specialist music teacher or, like me, writes Chris Dell, retired computer specialist and guitarist with a music degree, there is great satisfaction… Click here for more


Helpful travel hints

It all made such a difference to our journey that we wondered if we might manage to visit our daughter who lives in Portugal. A telephone call was made to Air Portugal to enquire about help. No problem, they said, when you book your ticket just say you require help at the airport both going… Click here for more


The power of story

I think I have always been aware of the power of story. When I was a young chap I used to make up tales of heroism and great deeds, of spaceships and monsters of the deep. I was aware of the joy that I felt in creating these tales, and aware also of the effect… Click here for more


The Joy of…..Craft

The first thing I remember knitting was a toy duck, though I am sure there would have been the odd wonky scarf before that. I was about 7 years old and attended a village primary school where the boys did art and the girls did needlework. I had to queue at the teacher’s desk to… Click here for more


Your Easter stories

Happy Easter! For our loyal readers and followers, we start with Good Friday with three different accounts from Silver Robin readers. Firstly Avril chats to our readers about religious, school days, egg hunting and the modern commercial aspects of Easter, followed by further memories and thoughts about the festive season.